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About Ninjago Keytana Quest

Prepare for thrilling action in The Keytana Quest, the newest entry to our Lego Ninjago Games category, one of our most beloved collections. Experience even more enjoyment with this fresh and exciting game, where ninjas Jay and Kai require your assistance to conquer the wicked Unagami. Their success hinges on collecting Key-tanas.

Begin by selecting one of the two protagonists as your character. To maneuver past hostile ninjas and dodge them, use the left and right arrow keys to switch lanes. This will also enable you to gather all the swords scattered throughout your journey. Keep an eye on the clock, as you’ll be racing against time to collect as many swords as you can.

This easy and entertaining game concept promises a great time, and now that you’re familiar with the rules, we’re confident you’ll emerge victorious! Best of luck in all your ninja escapades, and don’t stop here. We’d be thrilled for you to continue enjoying our Lego Ninjago games, experiencing unparalleled fun only found here!