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About Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary is an action-packed side-scrolling shooter where players take on hordes of zombies. Set in a world where zombies have nearly wiped out humanity, players must battle the undead, rescue survivors, and collect coins for upgrades.

The game offers a variety of weapons and equipment, allowing players to customize their playstyle. As players progress, they face tougher zombie types and bosses, demanding quick reflexes and strategy.

The graphics are cartoonish, with a vibrant color palette that contrasts the grim setting. Zombies have distinct designs, from the basic walkers to the more formidable foes, adding visual variety to the onslaught.

Sound effects in Zombie Diary are impactful. The sounds of gunfire, explosions, and zombie groans immerse players in the action. The background music is energetic, keeping players on their toes as they fend off the undead.