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About Ninjago Dead Land

Today, we introduce a new game from the Ninjago category, where you’ll demonstrate your ninja fighting skills against various adversaries from the Cartoon Network show. This fresh game, titled Ninjago Dead Land, features one of the most significant battles in Spinjitzu history, allowing you the opportunity to join and fight alongside your favorite Lego squad ninja. You’ll find yourself in the “Dead Land” or underground, a realm dominated by snakes of various colors—white, black, green, and yellow. These snakes are skilled fighters and warriors, so you’ll need to stay focused to defeat them.

Ninjago Dead Land combines elements of Lego, fighting, animal, and jumping games. You’ll wield Master Wu’s sword to vanquish the snakes in your path. Stay alert for obstacles and challenges along the way. Exceptional jumping abilities are crucial for this game, as there are numerous traps and unstable land portions that can collapse beneath you.

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How to play? To play Ninjago Dead Land, use the W, A, S, and D keys to move and the SPACE bar to wield your sword.