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About Zane Survivor

Today on our website, you have the opportunity to enjoy not just one, but two exciting Lego Ninjago Games. We’re starting with the game called Zane Survivor, a fantastic adventure featuring the white ninja of the group, Zane. You’re sure to have a blast with this game, as Zane, still a trainee, believes he needs all the help he can get to complete his mission. Discover how easy it is to play in the following description, and then dive into the fun!

Use the arrow keys to move and the Z and C keys to attack. To advance, you must collect the six logos before reaching the end of the level. Be prepared to face various enemies along the way, and make sure they don’t defeat you, as you only have three lives. Collect ammunition to use against your adversaries. You’ll encounter different platforms to run on, so ensure you utilize them correctly. We invite you to start this incredible game right now and have a blast!