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About Fat Cat

“Fat Cat” is an innovative and engaging game developed by the creative duo Simon Hunter and Aaron Steed from Nitrome. The game is a unique hybrid, combining elements of a bullet-fest shooter with a tightly choreographed puzzle game. Players control two characters simultaneously through 21 levels, including three boss fights, offering a rich and diverse gaming experience.

The primary character is Fat Cat, a purple feline character who moves slowly and can explode if hit three times by enemies or bullets. The objective is to keep Fat Cat alive through various levels filled with enemies. Fat Cat’s main attack is a powerful, screen-devouring burp-powered laser that destroys wall tiles and enemies. This attack is fueled by food pickups that appear just before they are needed, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. Players control Fat Cat using the WASD or arrow keys and activate the laser with the spacebar.

The second character, an indestructible blue guardian owl, is controlled with the mouse. The owl can fire an unlimited barrage of fireballs and is instrumental in Fat Cat’s survival. It blocks projectiles, moves blocks, flips mirrors to redirect lasers, presses buttons for power-ups, and can even physically move Fat Cat. This interplay between the two characters creates a unique cooperative gaming experience, as each character has distinct roles and abilities.

The game’s difficulty is high, challenging players to master controlling two characters simultaneously. The owl’s unrestricted mobility and defensive capabilities significantly shape the gameplay, reducing the need for dodging enemy attacks. Success in Fat Cat relies on a combination of brainpower and firepower, reminiscent of classic thoughtful shooters like R-Type, where level memorization and understanding of the characters’ abilities are crucial.

Despite some levels feeling long and challenging, the game’s clever design and the satisfaction of overcoming difficult obstacles keep players engaged. Players have the opportunity to use various strategies, such as crushing enemies with flying blocks, charging through enemies with napalm, or using enemies’ lasers against them. The game’s unique blend of action and puzzle-solving, coupled with its imaginative design, make “Fat Cat” a standout title in the puzzle shooter genre.