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About Misspelled

“Misspelled” is an interactive and engaging game that combines elements of platforming with word puzzles. In the game, you play as a small wizard on a mission to navigate through various levels. A unique aspect of “Misspelled” is the integration of magic spells into the gameplay. As you progress, you learn new spells that are crucial for overcoming obstacles and completing levels.

The controls are intuitive, utilizing the arrow keys or WASD keys for movement and jumping. The casting of spells is an integral part of the game; players cast spells by clicking on the screen and typing out the spell, then pressing ENTER to make the spell appear. This feature adds a layer of challenge and engagement, as players must think about both the physical navigation of the wizard and the correct spelling of the spells.

One of the first spells players learn is “R-O-C-K-S,” which sets the precedent for the type of spells to expect in the game. The ability to also click and drag to move the spell’s location on the screen adds an extra dimension to the gameplay, allowing for more strategic placement of spells.

“Misspelled” is not just about platforming and spell-casting; it’s a test of the player’s spelling and vocabulary skills, making it both fun and educational. This combination of platforming and word puzzle elements makes “Misspelled” a unique and enjoyable game for players of all ages.