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About Visible

“Visible” is a game that combines platforming challenges with a unique twist: players must navigate levels that have visible and invisible elements, often requiring them to pay attention to both in order to progress. The game tests players’ perception and memory, forcing them to remember the location of invisible obstacles and platforms to advance through each stage successfully.

In “Visible,” the player’s character must overcome a series of levels filled with typical platformer obstacles such as spikes, gaps, and moving platforms. However, some of these hazards are invisible to the eye at first glance, only becoming apparent either through interaction or when viewed in a reflection or special light. This mechanic adds a layer of difficulty, as players must be cautious and use keen observation to detect hidden traps before charging ahead.

The game often uses a split-screen or alternating view feature, where one part of the screen shows the level with all elements visible, while the other part shows the level with elements missing. This design not only challenges the player’s ability to plan and remember but also requires them to execute movements with precision based on the information from both views.

With its clever design and mind-bending visual puzzles, “Visible” is a game that appeals to fans of puzzle-platformers who enjoy an extra challenge. Its levels are crafted to encourage experimentation, trial and error, and teach players to think in new ways about their surroundings. The experience is usually one that is as rewarding and satisfying as it is challenging, providing a robust test of both platforming skill and mental agility.