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About Hefty Shaman

“Hefty Shaman” is a captivating puzzle-platformer game where players assume the role of a Shaman with a unique ability to create shockwaves on the ground. This ability is central to the gameplay, as it allows the Shaman to interact in novel ways with both enemies and traps around them. The shockwaves are generated whenever the Shaman hits the ground, and they have the effect of bouncing up other objects, adding a strategic layer to how players navigate through the game’s levels​​​​.

The game is set in a tribal context, where the Shaman is a part of a tribe that worships and calls upon the rain daily. The main objective in “Hefty Shaman” is to bring the Rain-Stone to the tribe’s altar. This task involves traversing through increasingly difficult levels filled with obstacles like spikes and boar, as well as engaging in tough parkour challenges. Players must also collect fellow tribe members throughout the levels, which adds an element of community and cooperation to the game​​.

“Hefty Shaman” is structured as a 14-stage game, with each stage presenting its own set of puzzles and platforming challenges. The Shaman’s hefty nature not only serves as a source of power for creating ground shockwaves but also plays a significant role in the game’s narrative and mechanics. Players need to use their jumps strategically to create these shockwaves, which can be used to hit enemies, move obstacles, and direct the rain stone towards the altar. This mechanic is essential for completing the game’s rain dance ritual, a key element in the Shaman’s quest​​.

The game combines elements of a platformer with puzzle-solving in a way that challenges both the player’s reflexes and problem-solving skills. The fate of the tribe in the game hinges on the player’s ability to skillfully maneuver through the levels, using both physical agility and magical abilities​​.