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About School Bus License

“School Bus License” is a driving simulation game where players take on the role of a school bus driver aiming to earn their license by completing various driving tasks. The game is controlled using the arrow keys to steer the bus and the spacebar to brake. The aim is to navigate the bus through a series of obstacle-filled courses without causing any accidents.

The gameplay in “School Bus License” is challenging and enjoyable. Each level presents a new set of obstacles to navigate, requiring precision and control. Players must carefully manage speed, steering, and braking to navigate tight turns, avoid obstacles, and park the bus in designated areas.

Visually, “School Bus License” uses colorful and detailed graphics to create an immersive driving simulation. The game also features realistic sound effects, adding to the overall authenticity of the experience. In conclusion, “School Bus License” offers a fun and engaging challenge for players who enjoy skill-based driving games.