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About Dirt Bike 4

Dirt Bike 4 is an exciting and challenging online game that requires players to ride a bike on the roof of a building while avoiding obstacles and trying not to fall. The game features simple controls, with players using the arrow keys on their keyboard to control the bike’s movement.

To play the game, players must use their skills to navigate the bike through various obstacles and challenges while keeping it balanced on the rooftop. The game’s challenging levels require players to use their strategic thinking and quick reflexes to avoid obstacles and complete each level successfully.

The game’s colorful graphics and fast-paced gameplay create an immersive and engaging gaming experience. The game also features power-ups and bonuses that can help players stay alive and beat their high score.

Dirt Bike 4 is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes while having fun. It is also a great game to play during a break or downtime, as it can be completed in short bursts. Overall, Dirt Bike 4 is a fun and entertaining game that is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for players of all ages and skill levels.