About Cleanup.IO

“Cleanup.IO” is a highly addictive and engaging multiplayer IO game where players take on the role of a vacuum cleaner with the task of cleaning up the most trash within a specified time limit. The game is played using the mouse to navigate the vacuum cleaner around the map. As you consume more trash, your vacuum cleaner grows larger, enabling you to consume larger items and rack up more points.

The game’s primary challenge lies in its competitive multiplayer nature. You’re not just racing against the clock, but also against other players who are attempting to clean up as much trash as possible. Strategic navigation and quick reflexes are key to staying ahead of your opponents and consuming more trash. The game also includes power-ups that can give you an edge, adding another layer of strategy to the gameplay.

“Cleanup.IO” boasts a simple yet appealing visual style. The game’s vibrant colors, intuitive design, and smooth animations enhance the overall gaming experience. In conclusion, “Cleanup.IO” is an engaging multiplayer game that offers fast-paced, competitive gameplay wrapped in a simple and visually appealing package.