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About Cheating Exam

As the name suggests, Cheating in Exam is a game where the objective is to cheat on the exam without getting caught by the teacher. The game offers a tutorial at the start to help you understand the gameplay mechanics. You can either take the tutorial or skip it and jump right into the game.

In the game, you play the role of a student who is sitting in an exam and wants to cheat to get a good grade. You must use various tactics and tricks to cheat without being seen by the teacher. There are various items available to help you cheat, such as a cheat sheet, pencil, eraser, and more.

The game offers different levels, and as you progress, the difficulty level increases. You must be careful and quick with your actions to avoid getting caught. Cheating in Exam is a fun and challenging game that tests your cheating skills while keeping you entertained.

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