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About Squawk

Squawk is a charming and delightful puzzle-platformer game that transports players to a vibrant, tropical world filled with exotic locations and colorful characters. Players control a plucky parrot with a unique ability to shatter blocks with its powerful voice. The objective is to navigate through the levels, overcoming obstacles and enemies by strategically using the parrot’s special ability. The game boasts beautiful pixel art graphics and a captivating soundtrack, immersing players in a lush, tropical environment as they progress through the game’s challenging stages.

The gameplay mechanics are accessible and engaging, requiring players to think creatively as they manipulate the environment to reach new heights and uncover hidden secrets. Squawk offers a well-balanced mix of platforming and puzzle-solving, with intuitive controls that are easy to pick up for players of all skill levels. As the game advances, players encounter increasingly complex puzzles and new enemy types, ensuring a constant challenge and a sense of accomplishment with each completed level.