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Robot Awake

Robot Awake is a challenging puzzle game that requires you to use your problem-solving skills to wake up the robot. Your main objective is to get the ray to reach the robot by solving the puzzle in each level. However, it’s not an easy task and requires some thinking and strategizing.

The puzzle consists of various objects that need to be rotated and moved to create a path for the ray to reach the robot. Once you have set the puzzle correctly, the ray will hit the object and reflect on another path towards the robot.

With each level, the difficulty level increases, and you need to use your logical thinking skills to solve the puzzle. The game’s graphics and sound effects create an immersive experience that adds to the fun of playing the game.

Overall, Robot Awake is a great game for people who love solving puzzles and enjoy a challenging game. It’s a game that can keep you engaged for hours with its innovative puzzles and exciting gameplay.