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About Off The Rails

Off The Rails is a game developed by Nitrome, a British independent game development company known for creating browser-based games with pixel art graphics. In Off The Rails, players control two cacti named Cactus McCoy and Cactus McJig. The objective of the game is to navigate a handcar through challenging levels filled with various obstacles and collect items along the way.

Players control the handcar by making the cacti move back and forth on the handcar to build up momentum, and then balance the handcar to avoid derailing. Each level features unique challenges and different track layouts, requiring players to think strategically to complete the level.

The game is known for its entertaining gameplay, unique art style, and catchy music. Nitrome has a reputation for creating engaging and enjoyable games, and Off The Rails is no exception. It can be played on Nitrome’s website or other online platforms that host browser-based games.