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About Mallet Mania

Mallet Mania is an exciting game that offers single-player and multiplayer modes for players of all ages. To play, rotate the mallet around the ball using the mouse. Adjust the power by pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse. Release the button to shoot the ball. As you progress, you’ll face obstacles and elements that impact the ball’s movement.

Elements include Gum tiles that slow the ball, Oil tiles that make it slide, Springs that launch it into the air, and Magnets that push it away. There are also Spinner tiles that turn the ball, Magnet Spinners that stick the ball to the tile, Eater tiles that stop the ball, and Rollover Switch blocks that enable Ghost blocks. Weights crush the ball, Rollers squash it, Conveyor belts move it, and Rotating Orbs change its direction.

Collect gems, pass through gates, and encounter Gamble blocks that trigger ball gamble actions. Teleporters move the ball, Solid Ghost blocks allow travel, and regular Ghost blocks don’t. Mallet Mania’s diverse gameplay elements and engaging mechanics make it a captivating game that will keep players entertained for hours.