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About Anti TD

Anti TD turns the traditional Tower Defense genre on its head, offering a fresh and innovative gameplay experience. Instead of building towers to stop waves of enemies, you play as the enemies trying to get past the towers. This inversion brings a whole new level of strategic thinking and planning to the game.

The challenge lies in carefully selecting the right units to withstand the different types of towers. Your success hinges on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your units, the characteristics of the enemy towers, and the layout of the map. The game gets progressively challenging, forcing players to continually adapt their strategies and manage resources effectively.

To summarize, Anti TD is a unique and challenging game that subverts traditional tower defense mechanics. By putting players in the shoes of the attackers, it offers a fresh perspective on the genre. With its deep strategic elements and progressively challenging levels, Anti TD is sure to provide hours of intriguing gameplay to fans of the tower defense genre and strategic games in general.